Multimedia & stage technologies

  • Led screens, seamless screens, projectors and vision broadcast
  • Diode screen is one of the latest vision solutions. It guarantees excellent image quality - now one of the highest available LED media on the market. Special constructions provides possibility of quick assembly. It can be setted mostly anywhere. The biggest advantage of the diode screen is the ability to create large areas in non-standard configurations, thanks to which diode screens can be used as a background image transmission or effective stage design.
  • Seamless screens are one of the most interesting solutions for the image projections for exhibitions and stage designs. The main advantage of these screens is the ability to create a so-called VideoWall - one large screen which is much brighter comparing to projectors.
  • realizacja wizji
  • technika sceniczna
  • Sound and stage lightning
  • We provide a full audio-visual setting for events. We sound and illuminate the greatest Polish artists. We work on a branded equipment that meets all requirements fulfill any technical rider. We strive for perfection and try to achieve the highest quality of light and sound.
  • greenscreen technology
  • A mobile device that will place you in any fantastic scenery suited to the event. Infinite fun backgrounds, the ability to add characters and landscapes that do not exist in reality. Greenscreen is an unparalleled attraction at occasional and business events as well as private parties. There is a possibility to directly print the photos or integrate the service with social media.